Phew, The Cloister Garage Sale is Finally Over……

Bonney pushed the button and the garage door finally closed on Saturday’s Cloister Garage Sale. We did fairly well on this sale. I sat at the cashier table, negotiated prices, and collected the money.

We left the lookers and buyers alone as they rummaged through our treasure. As the buyers bought our stuff, Bonney would rearrange the remaining items to make them more attractive and moved them from the floor and bottom selves to the upper shelves and table tops. It worked and we sold a lot of stuff.

Nearly every buyer negotiated prices but that was OK since we had priced our products appropriately. At one o’clock we put up a sign “1/2 Off on Everything”. A number of people stopped between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to look. If we donate what we don’t sell then no matter what we received for an item was better than nothing. I tried to assure that no one walked out Saturday afternoon without buying regardless of how much I dropped the prices. I am not running a business for profit but rather ridding us of useless stuff so we can empty a storage locker on Charlotte Pike and save $95/month rent payment.

Our total return on this sale included money from the Garage sale plus $1140 which we don’t spend on storage unit rent over the next year.

That’s not bad for a day’s work!


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