Skunk, Deer, Fox and Other Wildlife Critters at The Cloister

Since Bonney and I have moved to The Cloister we have either seen, or neighbors have reported to us, sightings of Skunk, Deer, Fox, Squirrel, and Moles. This is not surprising since we are surrounded on three sides by nearly impassable hills. Two areas are effectively wildlife refuges…the Warner Parks. From the Warner Parks in the south the critters simply cross Hwy 100 and the Railroad tracks and they are into the woods and they can travel through the hills until they reach The Cloister.

Other critters come from the northern hills between Hwy 70 and Old Hickory Blvd and cross Hwy 70 into the old HG Hill property on the other side of the Jewish Community Center. The HG Hill property is also part of the Warner Parks system. According to the Warner Parks Nature Center HG Hill never lived on the property but he and his friends used it for hunting. The Hill Farm area has bobcats, coyotes and even rattlers. There are no fences enclosing any of the Warner Park properties. Creatures are completely free to roam the hills adjascent to The Cloister.

Year after year the Cloister HOA sends out Critter Hunters to trap feral cats and skunks and release them to only God knows where. Possums and raccoons and neighborhood birds add to our little zoo. I am no expert in the matters of so-called nuisance critters but it seems to me that we are surrounded by an unending source of these creatures.But I like them.

Frankly, except for the darn feral cats, I enjoy all these animals. Several weeks ago Bonney and I were leaving Barbara Bentley’s home after a wonderful dinner and companionship with Barbara and some Cloister neighbors she invited. Instead of driving directly home we turned down Sienna and spotted a deer ambling alongside the rock wall at 432 Sienna. It was a beautiful doe and an absolute treat to watch.

We have had a report of a fox trotting down Cana toward Marquette Drive. After my recent comments about our feral cat problems I have received dozens of e-mails from neighbors with enjoyable comments about our Cloister creatures .


2 thoughts on “Skunk, Deer, Fox and Other Wildlife Critters at The Cloister

  1. On the less cheerful side, do be alert for sick animals. I came home one day this summer and discovered what was clearly a sick raccoon curled up in the corner by my front door. I could tell it was sick because when I approached it (“what IS that?”), it only raised its head and then lowered it again — a healthy raccoon would have screamed and run or even attacked, but then again a healthy raccoon wouldn’t have been lying in plain sight in broad daylight.

    I was able to get Animal Control to come out and, although the man made a very concerted effort for about 30 minutes, he was unable to trap the animal, which ran when he approached it, presumably on adrenaline and fear. The man from Animal Control said it did not appear to him to have been rabid, which had been my first concern, but more likely poisoned, perhaps having eaten some vegetation that had been treated.

    I notified my next door neighbor to watch for it because she has small dogs. She said later that she did see a raccoon walking along the stone wall behind her house but of course no way to know whether it was the same one.

  2. Don’t forget the raccoons, possums & chippies!

    Had a baby skunk in our garage a few years ago … my husband told me to open the garage door, come in to eat breakfast, then check to see if he’d left … he had …

    I no longer leave the garage door open 🙂

    I feed the birds & have seen the activity of shrews under the ground … have never seen the whole critter but when someone told me they were moles, did some googling & decided, no way … have seen a part of a small paw & it definitely doesn’t belong to a mole … small, dark gray …

    Have only seen the underground tracks of a mole 2 days in succession several months ago but none since …

    The deer were 3 large deer … standing stock-still for about
    20 mins before moving on … I have a cat so go out on my back deck a # of times each day …

    And Charles has trapped raccoons, possums, skunks & cats in my neighborhood … I keep track, as I’m often the first to eyeball the traps in the morning …


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