Valuable Comments From “Cloister Living” Neighbors

“Cloister Living” neighbors are making valuable comments directly to me by e-mail. What they say can be valuable to all Cloister Living neighbors. In order to protect the anonymity of persons sending E-mails directly to me, I edit various comments to remove their identities before I post them. I worry that some would  consider that a form of censorship…and that is the last thing we need. It has occurred to me that some readers are not comfortable with the idea of making comments directly on the “Cloister Living” website.

There is an action that any reader can take to assure the exact content of their messages and their anonymity. We can share important and useful information with our neighbors. Simply use the Comment line at the bottom of each article posted. If no comments have been previously made, then the Comment line will say “Leave a Comment”. If others have already made comments to the post then the Comment line will say “1 Comment” or “2 Comments” and so on. If there are comments and you click on the Comment line, you can read the comments entered by our neighbors. In any case if you click on the Comment line you can enter your comment in the box that opens for you. The Internet has opened exciting opportunities for all of us to help each other and and enjoy better “Cloister Living” at The Cloister at Saint Henry.


you can click on How can living be better at The Cloister? on the line immediately below the top banner and make a comment to all of us on any subject. The line immediately below the banner of the Blog looks like this:
Home     About Pete     Early Years at The Cloister     How can living be better at the Cloister?      September’s “The Cloister News”

You can try either way and make a comment if you wish….


2 thoughts on “Valuable Comments From “Cloister Living” Neighbors

  1. Thanks for the explanations. Good luck, and here’s hoping that a lot of additional interaction comes to The Cloister as a result of your efforts.

    Jeff Wells.

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