Chaffin’s Barn Theater-A Fun Neighbor Just Down the Road

Just down the road on Hwy 100 Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theater offers a special deal to seniors called “Senior Matinee”. There are two choices of deals, one choice is admission only, the second choice is admission and a Box Lunch. Bonney and I attended a Senior Matinee showing of the musical “Annie” on Thursday, August 25.

I was able to make reservations within one week of the show date. Tickets cost $19 each. I don’t know whether a mystery or a comedy would cost as much since they have much smaller casts.  We ordered box lunches for $8.50 each with unlimited beverages, coffee, tea, or soft drinks. Doors open at 11:00 am and the show started at 12:00 noon. It’s a steep uphill climb from the parking lot but we got there early enough (10:55 am) to pull into one of the  handicapped spots at the front entrance.

A trio of piano, guitar, and drummer provided the music accompaniment to a cast of 20 including 8 children. The music talent in Nashville is incredible.  The trio filled the hall with their playing and the singing was the outstanding quality I have grown to expect in Nashville. As I read through the program I couldn’t help notice that a number of the cast got their early experience at Opryland. I will never forgive Gaylord for closing that park and replacing it with a mall.

150 of us in the audience included 3 large groups that arrived by bus. One of the groups came all the way from Little Rock, AR. The first time Bonney and I attended a show at Chaffin’s Barn Theater was 30 years ago when we lived in Bowling Green, KY. At that time the drive from the edge of Nashville to the theater was a major trek to the boonies! We now live about 5 miles away and it is a short trip. The remaining shows for this season include Writer’s Block, a Mystery; Southern Fried Funeral,  A Country Christmas Carol, and Boeing Boeing, all comedies. They are on the web at

One thought on “Chaffin’s Barn Theater-A Fun Neighbor Just Down the Road

  1. I especially like this one Pete since my granddaughter, Reagan Meyers is one of the orphans!! I have been twice and am going again next Wednesday. It is such a wonderful night out!! nancy

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