Cutting Utility Bills at The Cloister

We have taken the next step toward reducing our utility bills. We had previously made an appointment for a free TVA Energy Advisor inspection.

The TVA Energy Advisor knocked on our door at 7:45 am Wednesday Morning, August 24.  He was 15 minutes early for our appointment. He wore his TVA ID badge and said he was there to explain the NEW/NES/TVA Energy Saving program, inspect our home, and give us his recommendations along with estimated savings for each suggestion.

He asked if we had previously received a package relating to this program. We told him we had received four energy saving light bulbs, a showerhead, a faucet swivel aerator, and a bathroom faucet aerator. To our absolute amazement he offered to replace the bulbs in our ceiling fixtures, and install the new showerhead,  and faucet aerators during his visit at no cost to us! When he finished that work he did a complete energy evaluation of our home. He spent over a hour inspecting the outside, attic, and inside areas of our home.

He then reviewed the results of his inspection and gave us a detailed suggested action plan, an estimate of energy cost savings for each action, and a list of TVA approved and guaranteed contractors. There are enough items to qualify us for the rebates since the total savings for four of the five actions in the list below meet the required 15% energy cost reduction.

After the work we decide to do is done, this TVA Enertgy Advisor will inspect all the work and, if necessary, have the contractor return and correct anything not done according to TVA standards. Upon a successful inspection he will arrange for our rebates from the sponsors of this program.

If any Cloister residents decide to take advantage of this program and meet the program requirements we can form a group consisting of as many as 6 homes at the Cloister which will also entitle each of us to receive a $50/month rebate for a six month period. See “Save on Energy Costs” in the Useful Links for Cloister Residents .

Suggested Action Plan

7 thoughts on “Cutting Utility Bills at The Cloister

  1. Note from a resident:
    Ok, had my home checked this morning … all’s fine, except I need a
    bit more insulation blown into the attic & the 2 bathroom fans need to
    be vented outside …
    Guess they dislodged …
    Glad you informed us of this 🙂

    • Second message:
      My roof mate had extra insulation blown into her attic the past year or two … asked her who she had used … turns out it’s one of the outfits Charles recommends & one that’s on the NES list, so will call next week …

      And the bathroom fans will be re-connected as soon as Charles has an extra minute … I take very short showers, pretty much every other day, not real hot, so no big problem …

      I have a tree in the front yard which is split into 2 trunks …

      One side (the south side) is dying so have decided to have it cut down, in hopes that the healthy north side will begin to sprout some branches … the grass cutters will miss the tree if the whole thing dies, as they use the shade on Mondays for their lunch break, resting on the grass, sidewalk, even on the road & under their truck!

  2. Note from a resident:

    FYI, of the vendors who are approved to provide and install replacement windows at the Cloister, Unlimited Windows, Inc.(Ted Tolen, 254-6700 is by far the best. They also clad the exterior wood window trim.

    The COA pays for the cost of the cladding. If the wood needs replacing before window replacing that would be the COA responsibility

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