My Computer Stopped Working and What I Did About it…..

USB Flash Memory

My computer stopped working last Friday and I could not get it to start up. Ten years ago I attended Nashville Institute of Technology and took enough courses to earn an Associates Degree in Microcomputer programming. Nearly all that I learned is now obsolete except for one thing, “BACK UP YOUR FILES!” Fortunately I had bought what is called a “Thumb memory” (technically called a UBS Flash Memory) and saved my important files and information in the memory which connects to one of the sockets in the front of the computer.

I keep the flash drive plugged in all the time and back up important information in this memory on a regular basis.

Socket in computer

But a backup didn’t stop my computer from shutting down and refusing to startup again after I followed some Comcast instructions which resulted in my computer refusing to restart. Everything I had tried failed and it was clear that I had become obsolete.

I talked to some neighbors with hopes that they could refer a computer service that could help me at a reasonable price. Several people mentioned a company called MiCom Systems located on White Bridge Road (615)356-3884. Thomas, their technician, was able to restore my computer. The cost was just over $200. I wasn’t very happy with the cost but Thomas has the experience and tools to do for me what I can’t do for myself…..and I didn’t have to buy a new computer!

I had no idea how much I rely on my use of computers and the internet. I pay my bills, manage my bank accounts, send and receive e-mail, read foreign newspapers and look up almost anything on my favorite sites , Google and Wikipedia. Needless to say, I also write this blog.

I have learned several important lessons with these recent computer problems. I have been penny-wise and pound-foolish. I failed to upgrade my software when I bought a new computer thinking that learning to use new programs was too much trouble and I could save some money. But I was wrong. Taking the time to learn new computer programs and upgrading both computers and software programs on a regular basis is less trouble than making do with obsolete computers and programs and paying for a serviceman when things don’t work right anymore.  


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