My Magic Words….. “May I have a Senior Discount?”

At one time I was indecisive about asking for a “Senior Discount”. What was the problem? Pride,? Refusal to accept the fact that I was older? Embarrassment?  Whatever the reasons, I no longer hesitate to ask for a senior discount.

When I buy at Mc Donalds I always ask for a “Senior Coffee” or “Senior Coke” and I am charged 50 cents or less for a $1.00 drink. The same works for Burger King.  I ask Wendy’s for a senior discount and they give me a free drink with my purchase. I haven’t the courage to ask for only the free drink at Wendy’s without any other purchase. Shoney’s and Dunkin Donuts give Senior discounts, I simply ask for it. Sonic, Hardee’s and Krystal’s tell me they don’t give senior discounts when I ask.

Bonney shops the Food Markets on the senior discount days. Kroger gives 10 % to card holders on the first Wednesday of the month. Publix gives 5% on Wednesdays, simply ask for the Senior Discount. Harris Teeter gives 5% to VIC card holders on Thursdays. The Harris Teeter behind the old Belle Meade Theater near White Bridge Road periodically sends an offer of $20 off on a purchase totaling $50 or more. That is a whopping 40% discount!I don’t know of any other Harris Teeter store that does that.

There are a few restaurants we visit on a carry-out basis. Captain D’s have a number of Senior Special deals on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s which include a drink. At one time they had a giant banner listing all of the special deals on the approach to the drive-up speakers. They have since taken the banner down.

Periodically we buy one O’Charlies $8.00 special meal for carry-out which Bonney and I share at home and we save more since we furnish our own drinks at home and save the cost of a tip and expensive drinks.

I am told that IHOP and Chili’s both give 10% Senior Discounts.  I have learned that the best thing I can do is ask for a Senior discount everywhere I shop. The worst they can do is to say “No.”


2 thoughts on “My Magic Words….. “May I have a Senior Discount?”

  1. WOW Pete, never even thought of asking for a senior discount!!! Thanks so much for what you do to help us all. I just had Schwanns food truck come by…I used to have them in Cookeville and they have some really good food. It is a little more expensive, but they have some good sales and they bring it every other week. I hate to grocery shop and maybe others would like to know about this. Nancy

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