Two Cat Packs Stalk The Cloister

 There are not one, but two Cat Packs at The Cloister. 


One pack of cats is led by an orange and white calico “thug” who roams and controls the neighborhood. One evening the bully cat noticed our cat Jake sitting in the open window of the back bedroom. Bonney and I heard two different cat voices hissing and snarling at each other. Then Jake made a terrible squeal. The orange and white “tough guy” cat had launched itself at the window screen and shredded the screen with his claws.  Jake barely escaped as we knocked the viscous attacking cat back outdoors with a pillow. We had to replace the screen wire.

The cat has roamed our back area for several years since that incident. It has recently clawed and bitten Jake. Jake is shakened up but seems to be healing well. I suspect that a Cloister neighbor has been feeding the Shorthair and his sidekicks. The Calico has become mangy looking and has gotten slower. He is beginning to show his years and some wear.  I hope this animal doesn’t decide to attack a neighbor’s grandchild or kills someone’s pet before he fades away to cat heaven. The other cat pack is different…….

The other cat pack consists of sheet metal cats with marble eyes and painted in different color patterns with a different color and pattern on each side of each cat. These cats sit astride the chain link fence surrounding The Cloister swimming pool.

Many thanks to Carole Giorgio for her artistry and work to provide these wondrful cats. The tin cats guard the pool and swimmers from sky-diving birds who attempt to bomb their targets with droppings.

Accepting the fact that the swimming pool is still attacked on all sides with some bird droppings(despite the tin cats), insects, leaves and grass clippings the pool is surprisingly clean. We can thank our Pool Committee volunteer Chair Barbara Swift for all she does to help assure we have a clean, safe, and well maintained swimming pool.

During the Pool Season, Bonney and I are enjoying the pool nearly every day. We usually go early morning but we have also gone to the pool in the late morning and late afternoon. Maybe there are some who go to the pool late night since it appears that the pool has night lighting but we have never gone at that time. The great thing is that we meet different people different times of the day and all of them are interesting to hang with. After a recent surgery I told my Physical Therapist that I had one very important goal. That goal was to be able to use The Cloister pool. The dual handrails on the pool stairs make that possible. They allow me to get into and out of the pool easily and safely.

Barbara Bentley is doing a great job leading the 10:00 am Mon/Wed/Fri Aquatic Exercise Group. It’s great to have dedicated volunteers like the two Barbara’s which allow us all to make use of The Cloister Clubhouse pool.

Some trivia….I have since discovered that packs or herds of cats are called clowders or clutters.

6 thoughts on “Two Cat Packs Stalk The Cloister

  1. Step 1) beloved pet cats should be kept safely indoors. Step 2) Trap/Neuter/Release the ferals. The population will peter out. Step 3) If that one cat is so very mean, call animal control. Caveat: A power struggle will probably ensue. Conclusion: Take proper care/precautions and learn to peacefully co-exist. IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE CATS. They have very few options. HUMANS, on the other hand, have a lot.

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  3. Today is January 1, 2013 and the white and orange cat walked along the wall behind our home this morning. I was wrong, the cat has healed and doesn’t even limp but he now walks alone without any followers. Meanwhile Jake, our cat, has gone to cat heaven. He now Rests In Peace, his ashes are buried in the ground immediately outside the window where he sat and enjoyed watching the outside world.

    P.S. Early March we were advised that the Orange cat is dead by a neighbor across and down the street. The cat was so badly crippled that the neighbor put a sleeping pill in his food and took the cat to the vet to be put down. It’s gone.

  4. This is mid-April 2012 and the Orange Calico cat is in bad shape. He drags a hind leg and is seriously torn up Once leader of his pack, he now cringes when his partner cat approaches him. Things change and the King has fallen.

  5. These cats walk the wall behind my place and my dog Molly goes crazy. I’m sure we have tried to catch them? They seem to be doing ok as far as eating goes. Maybe they keep away other critters away. I hate to see any animal suffer!

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