We Found a Tiny Store with Prices Beating Costco and WalMart

For several years Bonney and I drove down Charlotte Pike and never noticed what looks like a small grocery store hidden behind a fast food place in the West Nashville area. Recently a friend suggested we try shopping at a store called ALDI. We tried it and discovered that this is not a Mom and Pop grocery store but rather one of thousands of stores run by a major European retailer. A typical Supermarket carries 50,000 items. ALDI claims their stores carry only 1,400 regularly-stocked items.  ALDI is a discount grocery chain with great prices for the items they carry.

The store is located at 405 American Road off Charlotte Pike and hidden behind Captain D’s . We wondered why their chocolates and coffee are the best we can find in Nashville. The answer was simple. Aldi’s has stores located in nearly a dozen countries but the company headquarters and the original stores are in Germany. Where can you find great chocolate and coff-ier coffee?…..yes…Europe. We like coffee with a smooth, strong and full flavor.

But we stay away from their frozen fish which is not as good as found in other markets. They carry fresh meat, produce, frozen foods, dairy, bakery, canned goods, and paper products. It is a unique store where we find ourselves buying more of our groceries and foods.

But Aldi’s is not your typical food market and here’s why……

  • Almost all of their products are sold under various private label brands.
  • ALDI has a Double Guarantee – return the unused portion (or even the empty package)  and they’ll refund money and give a replacement product.
  •  You insert a quarter to release a cart. When you return the cart, you get your quarter back.
  • Bring your own bags or boxes, or they will sell their paper, plastic, or insulated bags.
  • They accept only Debit cards or cash.

It is a strange place to shop but we like saving money when we visit this quaint store.


3 thoughts on “We Found a Tiny Store with Prices Beating Costco and WalMart

  1. This ALDI used to be a roller rink back in the day, near the end of its days it was more of a life fire range than a roller rink!

  2. Shopping at Aldi is a totally different experience from that of Publix or Kroger. It took a while to “adjust”. I think they charge 25 cents for a cart. It’s nice to know about the fruit and especially the coffee. I hope you all have been harvesting some tomatoes! I met your wife last week whild walking Molly, my dog. And thank you for doing this blog. It provides a real sense of community here at The Cloister. I hope it continues to grow.

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