Something I No Longer Do at The Cloister…….

One of the things I can’t do anymore is to climb up a laddar to change a light bulb. My wife can do it but not without a great deal of difficulty and anxiety on both our parts. So what are we to do? Well……we have a to-do list for when a son visits.

But we did something very smart recently. Why smart? Here are the reasons.

CFL Light Bulb

LED Light Bulb

The two reasons are called LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Bulbs and CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Light Bulbs.  The LED bulbs last for up to 30 years until they burn out. The CFL bulbs are ugly wiggly bulbs and less expensive but last for up to 7 years before they fail. That is really good performance compared to a standard light bulb which lasts for 1 to 2 years.

Prices for the LED bulbs range from $10 to $25 each while prices for the CFL bulbs range from $3 to $8. I can buy a 100 watt incandescent light bulb for less than $1.00 each but they are usually available only in 4-packs. For the same light output the power consumption either CFL or LED bulb uses 1/4 the power of an incandescent light bulb.

What are the drawbacks to the new type bulbs?

  • They cost more
  • You can’t use a dimmer with a LED bulb
  • The life of a CFL bulb is shortened over time if you don’t let it burn for a least 5 minutes before you switch it off.

So what did I do?

There were 60 watt equivalant LED bulbs on sale for $9.95 at Lowes. I bought enough so we replaced every ceiling lamp bulb in the house, hallways, bathrooms and front porch ceiling lights. But not the kitchen because we put in 6 flood lights when we remodeled and LED flood lamps cost over $60 each. We’ll wait until the old floods burn out and hopefully prices will drop for the LED flood lamps.

We replaced the bulbs in the outside wall fixtures with the wiggley CFL bulbs because these  fixtures have dimmers and LED bulbs will not work with dimmers. We also use the lower cost Compact Florescent bulbs where it is easy to reach a fixture to change the bulbs. 

We gave our son the To-do list and he went to work. We will not have to replace our Light Emitting Diode LED ceiling light bulbs next year…or the following year…or for the next 30 years. And hopefully, we will get seven years from the Compact Fluorescent bulbs before we have to replace them. We’ll also save $120 per year on our light bill. No more ladder climbing to change bulbs for either Bonney or me for quite some time.




2 thoughts on “Something I No Longer Do at The Cloister…….

  1. Thanks, Pete. We are in the process of doing the same replacements for all those same reasons. Certain LED’s are now dimmable.

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