A Handy Tip From A Cloister Neighbor


We recently received an updated Directory of the Cloister Residents. Bonney decided she would update her previous 2009 Directory. When she was finished we discovered that 44 residents in 2009 no longer live in the Cloister while 42 new residents have moved in during the intervening 2 years. To my amazement, that is a turnover of one of every six residents  in two years.  At this rate, in six years, half of all the current residents will be gone. There are very few origional 1984 first owners left. Thats not surprising since the minimum age to purchase was 55 years old and adding 26 years when the last Cloister condo unit was built means that the youngest first buyer at 55 years old would be 81 years old today.

When we moved into the Cloister a neighbor visited us and advised us there was something we could do for our own convenience, personal safety and health.

1.Type up a card, about the size of a business card and tape it to the front door. The card reads:

In Case of an Emergency Call:

Neighbor 555-5555

Son 666-6666

2. Leave a spare house key with the neighbor.

We have one of these cards taped onto our front door. It not only allows a way for emergency response people to enter the house in case of an emergency but is a safe and convenient way to keep a spare house key.


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